Cover to Cover #422A: The Wide World of Books

Mike S talks about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and how he believes that this European bestseller would have been rejected outright if it had been submitted to New York publishers first, simply because of the non-standard story-telling style and narrator POV quirks, and how the response from New York publishers has been to seek out international bestsellers and award winners to translate and bring to the US just because they were bestsellers and award winners.

He has issues with what seems to simply be a "chasing the money" tactic, with publishers just latching onto the publicity that already exists rather than finding the story that will connect with readers and generate their own momentum.

Discussion: Sandra the Truck Driver tells us about her personal library: 5000 books and 300-plus ebooks on her computer, which leads to a detailed discussion about the care, feeding and storage of media collections, which dovetails into a debate about the shifting purpose of bookstores from shops to event venues, and a lot more.

Public Domain Reads: Mike Stackpole wants you to send in your recommendations for older stories that are freely available, through outlets like Gutenberg Project and other legacy sites, so call the voicemail number or send in your emails with your recommended reads!

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