Cover to Cover #438A: Of Books and Bookstores

Mike and Mike recap some publishing news, the big one being that Borders has been delaying payments to creditors, including publishers, because of liquidity issues.

Will some of these issues, combined with the increase in ebook sales, mean that local and indie bookstores will have a chance to recover some of their lost marketshares?

How will the social aspect of books and book-buying change? Will the shopping and social connection with books become redefined again?

Rich from NoCal asks how the new Net Neutrality rules might affect the ability of authors and artists to sell their works themselves, and while the landscape is still new, it is something to keep in mind over the next few years.

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  1. I love this is SO useful!! And the content is timely BUT can be used as a model for what to do and what not to do in real time!!!

    (IP.S. Our politics may be polemic...sorry, but I truly appreciate the education I get every time I listen to your podcasts)

    Thank you Mike and Mike!!! xoxo

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