Cover to Cover #440: Shawn Kupfer

47 Echo by Shawn KupferYes, the boys have been busy, but they're back to dive into book talk just for you!

Mike M and Mike S discuss some of the recent challenges facing some of the big bookstores and publishing companies, including sales reporting issues with the Nook and figuring out different ways to possibly increase recommender links, and marketing tricks for ebook design.

Interview: This week's guest is Shawn Kupfer, whose new book 47 Echo is a military scifi thriller from Carina Press. The story follows the exploits of a prisoner-soldier, Nick Morrow, during a future war with China-North Korea.

Shawn's book is a digital only release from Carina Press, available on Kindle and from Audible now, and Shawn also talks about the bold steps Carina Press is taking with not paying author advances and also not having any DRM in their products.

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