Vote for "Cinco de Mayo" in the Alberta Reader's Choice Awards

Michael Martineck's Cinco de Mayo, published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, is a finalist for the Alberta Readers Choice Award, and the only fiction work vying for this mainstream $10,000 award.

This is the first time that a Science Fiction novel has made it to the finals.

Although one has to be an Alberta publisher to be eligible for nomination for the Alberta Readers Choice Award, voters can be from any IP address, anywhere.

Michael and EDGE are up against some very good non fiction titles with huge followings, and they are hoping that science fiction fans and fiction lovers everywhere will rally together... and vote for Cinco de Mayo.

The Alberta Readers Choice rules state that voters from any IP address in the world can cast their vote once every 24 hours during the month of May -- you only have about 48 hours left to vote for this great book that tells the story of what happens in the world after May 5th, when suddenly every man, woman and child ends up with a second set of memories in their mind along side their own...

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Link: Cinco de Mayo by Michael J. Martinek