Cover to Cover #460: Information Management and Story Questions

Mike S brings up some salient points about the legal tussle going on between HarperCollins and Open Road Media over the definition of "ebook" because of a new electronic version of Julie of the Wolves.

This all leads into speculation over some of the new self-publishing tools that Apple may be making available at the end of January.

Mike M stresses the importance of social media networks as platforms for self-publishers, and they both talk about the importance about effectively managing the information you do put out there on the Internet and staying aware of what you are putting out there for very public consumption.

Rewrite Status update: Mike M has cracked open his old manuscript, and reread it to better evaluate where it currently stands so he can determine which direction he wants to go with it.

Mike S talks about asking more questions about your story in order to discover more about your world, your characters, and how those questions may lead you to tell a better story than the one you originally had in mind.

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