Cover to Cover #466: Changes in Book Selling

Mike and Mike recap the technological and book-selling shift since they last talked shop in 2012, including the shift from big format bookstores to local stores & specialty stores that promote events more than book sales, the shift to authors marketing themselves at conventions and other events, and the growth of crowd-funded book projects. They also talk about the big shift in attitude and perception regarding self-published books, and the process and resources needed to make a successful self-publishing endeavor.

Next, they talk about the growth and changes you see and feel in characters you've set aside for a while, and ways to work with the character you didn't expect them to be, and how they can make the story you're working on better.

Mike and Mike ask you: what elements of Dragon Page "Cover to Cover" do you miss and would want to hear more of?

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  1. I saw this in iTunes and thought, here we go, a drunken 3 hour Tee Morris style sign off.
    Great to have you back. I liked the old format so I'm happy to see more of the same.

  2. Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. After the mention of the Podcast's revival on "Slice”, I started listening to “Cover to Cover. Now I wished I had found the show earlier. After completing several years of NaNoWriMo challenges, I am now contemplating revising some of the more promising stories. If I survive the revision process, I know I need to secure some professional editing services. Do you have any opinions of the various online editing services?

  3. Hey guys!
    It's a very pleasant surprise to glance at the old DragonPage bookmark and find new episodes of the podcast.
    I wanted to thank Mike Stackpole; the series of show segments where you talked about self-publishing to Amazon. While you've been away, I've posted several stories there, had some small success, and am working at expanding into different genres there.
    So thank you, sir, for prompting that move.

    Also, on the crowdfunding front, are you aware of Patreon?
    I've got a page there, with a group of fans who like my work enough to gift me with a few coins (or quite a few coins) every time I post a chapter for them (which is incredibly flattering, obviously). It's nicely designed for both creative types and their fans, and is rapidly becoming more popular.
    You might look into it as a means of funding the show.

    I hope you're both able to record the occasional show for us, schedules permitting.

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