Cover to Cover #468: Amazon vs Hachette, Or Who Moved My Marketing?

The contract dispute between Amazon and Hachette has Mike Stackpole a little fired up, and the conversation revolves around the details some of the blowback that midlist and new authors are feeling because their books can't be pre-ordered or ordered, and the alternatives the Big Five publishers are beginning to investigate (also see Stephen Colbert's reactions to his books not being available via Amazon, and his push to send his audience to order and pre-order items through Powell's instead).

The conversation then turns to ways authors have had to adapt to changing consumer habits and get their books (both print and digital) into the hands of readers who want them, and direct sales at conversations and via independent websites are leading the way.

Mike and Mike ask you: what elements of Dragon Page "Cover to Cover" do you miss and would want to hear more of?

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