World Book Day 2012: Matthew Wayne Selznick

Celebrating My Story Father On World Book Night World Book Night is a celebration of the love of books and reading. I'm pleased to see some of my favorite authors in the official list of thirty titles selected by the publishers, booksellers and distributors on the board of directors and advisory council... authors like Sherman […]

World Book Day 2012: Our Inspirations

Throughout the day today in honor of World Book and Copyright Day and its associated event World Book Night we will be having a series of guest blog posts from authors, artists and others on the topic of a book that inspired them in their creative efforts.   [Read more...]

Review: "Discount Armageddon" by Seanan McGuire

The world is a fairly orderly place, talking mice, gorgons, Chupacabra... these are things of fairy tales, mythology and supermarket tabloids. Not so in Seanan McGuire's new novel Discount Armageddon, the first book in her new InCryptid series.   [Read more...]

The Night Sessions

It's been a long time since anyone saw anything like this. Terrorism is history.   [Read more...]


When the alien spheres arrive they announce themselves with a deafening shriek. Their black ships fill the skies, and anyone caught beneath them vanishes in a flash of blue-white light.   [Read more...]

The Impossible Cube

In an age where fantastic inventions of steam and brass have elevated Britain and China into mighty empires, Alice Michaels faces a future of technological terrors...   [Read more...]

Lies & Omens

After escaping secret government cells and destroying a Miami landmark, Sylvie’s trying to lay low—something that gets easier when a magical force starts taking out her enemies.   [Read more...]


Growing up with telepathic abilities, Sookie Stackhouse realized early on there were things she'd rather not know. And now that she's an adult, she also realizes that some things she knows about, she'd rather not see -- like Eric Northman feeding off another woman. A younger one.   [Read more...]

The Burning Man

After a long journey across the ages, Jack Churchill has returned to the modern world, only to find it in the grip of a terrible, dark force.   [Read more...]

Jack of Ravens

Jack Churchill, archaeologist and dreamer, walks out of the mist and into Celtic Britain more than two thousand years before he was born, with no knowledge of how he got there.   [Read more...]


"You're going to hell, Jack Nightingale."

The last words spoken in Jack's final case as a police negotiator have been haunting him ever since leaving the job.   [Read more...]

Shadow's Master

A land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive. Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life.   [Read more...]

Secrets of the Fire Sea

The isolated island of Jago is the only home Hannah Conquest has ever known. But her carefree existence comes to an abrupt halt when her guardian, Archbishop Alice Grey, is brutally murdered.   [Read more...]

The Shape of Desire

For fifteen years Maria Devane has been desperately, passionately in love with Dante Romano. But despite loving him with all of her heart and soul, Maria knows that Dante can never give all of himself back-at least not all the time.   [Read more...]

The Thirteenth Sacrifice

With a cross around her neck and a detective's shield in her pocket, Samantha has struggled to put her horrific childhood behind her.   [Read more...]

Edge of Dark Water

May Lynn was once a pretty girl who dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star. Now she's dead, her body dredged up from the Sabine River.   [Read more...]