More advice for authors

Seth Godin has a post featuring his short-list of advice for authors. While Seth is a non-fiction author, and his advice was aimed specifically other non-fiction authors, much of the advice holds true. He has some great advice on hiring your own editor, giving away copies, the value of blurbs vs. blog mentions and much more.   [Read more...]

This author wants to fight you

Craig Davidson, a novelist from Canada, has cooked up an interesting promotion for his novel, The Fighter. Quite simply, he wants to fight you. Seriously.   [Read more...]

Good advice, but a misconception from an award-winning author

I shall start by saying I count Robert J. Sawyer as a friend. I've had the opportunity to meet him on more than one occasion, exchanging phone calls and emails which had nothing to do with the many interviews I've had with him on a professional level. I think he's a swell guy, a smart guy and is completely informed on a wide range of topics. But that doesn't mean he's not wrong in this case.   [Read more...]

Evo narrates for Variant Frequencies

Recently, I was asked by Rick and Matt from Variant Frequencies to narrate one of their shows. They feature an eclectic mix of original short fiction and I've been following them from the beginning. My piece is entitled The Last Frequency, and it was a lot of fun to do. I'm sure you'll agree it was a part almost written for me! 🙂   [Read more...]

Another tool for writing you novel

Jakko has been following the conversation on the writing tools I've been posting.   [Read more...]

Of futuristic twists on classics, and getting paid for fanfic

A few weeks back we interviewed Naomi Novik and learned that she cut her writing chops in the world of fanfic before getting her big three-book deal from a major press.   [Read more...]

Evo and Steve Eley (Escape Pod) speaking in September

Last year's Portable Media Expo was a blast. Not only did I get to hold Podcasting for Dummies in my hand for the first time, I also got to meet a bunch of very nice people in the podosphere. Within hours of arriving, it was obvious that I would be going back.   [Read more...]

SFF Audio: Harlan Ellison interview

The boys from SFF Audio have a treat for scifi fans.

They have an interview with Harlan Ellison, one of the most revered and maligned grand masters of science fiction.   [Read more...]

Help for the scriptwriter

Kudos to Kreg, co host of Technorama, for adding one more piece of software to help writers. celtx is the tool he prefers, which is more appropriate for script writers than the budding novelist (or non-fic writer like me). I've bounced around the site and it seems like a rather full-featured tool. For Windows, Mac and Linux users.   [Read more...]

Mac tool for helping novelists

A few days ago, I posted a link to a PC-based tool for novelists. But I'm a Mac guy, so I couldn't say much more than "here it i". But fear not, fellow Mac-users. I have good news.   [Read more...]

Tools to help with your novel

Looking for an application to help you with writing that perfect novel? Have a budget of near zero to spend on such endeavors? Check out yWriter and see if it's for you.   [Read more...]

Look ma! No splash page!

Many of you will notice that the terribly annoying splash page has been removed. You are very welcome. Others of you will notice that our less-than-literary podcast, Wingin' It! has been removed from this page.

Never fear, it didn't go far. For mature audiences, it can be found at It needed to move, and it has.   [Read more...]

Social networking for parties.

I've been half-heartedly following social networkings rise in popularity over the last six months or so. About five weeks ago, some really smart people I listen to (yes, I do think there are smart people out there, perhaps even smarter than I) lifted the conversation to a new level. So now I'm paying attention. And just playing in general.

The coolest thing I've seen in the last five minutes is Eventful, a social network for gatherings, events and (as I've recently made it) pool parties! Wil Wheaton (biggest one in four counties) turned me on to the site today, and I've been playing. Set up my own Performer profile (Evo = Evo, remember) and added a few things to the list.

If you are an event coordinator or involved with any cons, get your arses over to Eventful and sign up. It's got auto-updating to a bunch of other sites and the interface is pretty intuitive.   [Read more...]

Lessons from Mur

For those of you who enjoyed Mur's Geek Fu Action Grip essays on tDP Wingin' It!, you can now buy the collection of those essays and more in print or as an ebook from Lulu Press!   [Read more...]

Evo on The Bitterest Pill

On my quick trip to sunny (raining) Southern California last week, I stopped by the lair of podcasting legend Hudson Klass. Hudson's father (Dan) and I sat down behind the mics for a while and had a nice conversation on The Bitterest Pill while our sons plotted their plans to take over the world.   [Read more...]

Killer Bunnies Goodies

Let me start by saying, John McCoy, that if I get sued for putting this stuff up there, I'm going to personally send Quite Irascible Diffractable Cheese Balls up your arse.   [Read more...]