KFYI #67: The Future of Fantasy

Peter Jackson set the bar rather high with Lord of the Rings, making us wonder about the future of fantasy. Will other film makers be able to reach this bar? How will production companies select their materials in a post-LotR world?   [Read more...]

KFYI #66: Save Enterprise!

It's all about SAVING ENTERPRISE! No, we're not gonna take it! UPN has said it's over...

Over? Did you say OVER? Nothing is over until we say it is! Was it over when the... Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no... And it ain't over now!   [Read more...]

KFYI #65: Transhumanism

Our guest on the show is Dr. James Huges of Cyborg Democracy, author of Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future.   [Read more...]

KFYI #64: Fandom

Are you a fan? Will you stand in line for weeks or months before a show starts just to say you were there first? Do you have over $40,000 invested in Star Wars memorabilia? Did you surgically alter your body to have Spock ears? Or are you a raging fan of Wil Wheaton?

We know you're out there... come play with us!   [Read more...]

KFYI #63: Getting to know us

On tonight's show, we bring some behind-the-scenes folks front-and-center. Joe and Summer step up to the mic, helping us cover a wide range of topics. And if we get a chance, we might get to a phone call or two!   [Read more...]

KFYI #60: Day of Atonement

It's a brand new year. A time of reflection on past actions and transgressions with an eye towards a better tomorrow. In the spirit of new beginnings, we've decided we may have been a bit harsh on a few things we've seen over the last year.   [Read more...]

KFYI #59: Predictions of the future

One thing science fiction does a [good/bad] job of is predicting the future. So since we are a science fiction talk show, we're gonna do just that!   [Read more...]

KFYI #58: Games People Play

Tonight, we bring you easy gifts for your consumption: games. Everybody loves games. We'll cover board games, card games, roll playing games, video games and even computer games... assuming we can squeeze it all in. And we'll be joined by "experts" in the gaming world to help sort through your options and make you a hero in a geeks eye this year.   [Read more...]

KFYI #57: Terraforming

Recent news about Mars leads down the inevitable path to the following question: can we terraform the planet?

Remembering that we're a science fiction show and not a science, we'll approach the topic from the point of sci-fi. We'll examine how terraforming has been dealt with in books, movies and television-- from the good to the bad.   [Read more...]

KFYI #56: Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day! To celebrate... we're leaving. Well, Evo's leaving town, which pretty much puts Mike out of commission for the show. As such, listeners on KFYI will enjoy a fun-filled evening of more political talk, because you don't have enough of it already on KFYI.   [Read more...]

KFYI #55: You broke my science fiction!

Doncha just hate it when you're sitting there in the theater, or perhaps camped out in front of your couch, or maybe curled up next to the fire; all excited about the latest and greatest science fiction or fantasy movie, TV show, or book which as just come out... and it blows. Not only does it blow, you can name the exact spot in the movie, episode or chapter WHERE it took a turn down Blow Street.

Dammit! They broke your sci-fi! But you know how to fix it. If only they'd have listened to you...   [Read more...]

KFYI #52: Science fiction jumps the shark

It's bound to happen sooner or later. Your favorite book series, TV show or movie... Things are going along smashingly and then all of a sudden-- WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Let's talk about some of the SF/F serials which have jumped the shark, and which ones we think might be next. Oh, and our answers might surprise you.   [Read more...]

KFYI #51: Military SF/F

Come get some...
Elves vs. orcs. Interstellar battlegrounds. Invasions, genocide and planet-killers. When authors, game designers, directors or producers tell a story through the eyes of a command structure, we're dealing in the realm of Military SF (and F).   [Read more...]

KFYI #50: Happy Halloween

In celebration of our new two-hour long time slot, we present Halloween. No, I don't have that backwards. We're completely convinced that this Halloween was custom crafted simply for our own pleasure and enjoyment. Pretentious? Guilty as charged.   [Read more...]

KFYI #49: Halloween pre-party

On this show, it's fill in the blank time: "I remember the one Halloween when I _______!" Tell us your best prank, strangest costume or all-time greatest memories. There are those last minute folks who rely on us for ideas; we invite you all to share!   [Read more...]

KFYI #48: Here there be dragons

Dragons on The Dragon Page, what a concept, but that is exactly what we are doing this week.

We will be discussing Michael's favorite topic, dragons, and how they shape the mythology of the world. Now this may seem like boring stuff, but keep in mind if you will, most mythology stems from real things in history?   [Read more...]