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~ Michael R. Mennenga - Host and Founder ~

Michael R. Mennenga (MEN-en-gay) was born in Nebraska, and grew up on a small farm outside of Holdrege. He began writing in late 1986 but it took a couple of years for Michael to develop his style. He began working on his first book in 1988 and spent the next six years submitting manuscripts, talking with publishers and agents, learning the ins and outs of this changing industry. ...more

~ Michael A. Stackpole - Co-Host ~

I was born in Wausau, Wisconsin in late 1957 to Jim and Janet Stackpole. I remember little of my time in the dairy state, primarily because I spent the first six months of my life lobbying my parents to return to Vermont, which they did when my father's internship was finished. ...more

~ Summer Brooks - Producer ~

Summer Brooks is a writer, reader, and website admin who first stepped into the realms of speculative fiction by reading Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels in high school. She's been a fan ever since. ...more

~ Lorrie Mennenga - Contributor ~

Reading is my passion, and I'm happiest with a book that won't let me quit until I've finished it. I love that I have the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing authors, which suits me just fine-- that just means more books! ...more

~ Brian Brown - Contributor ~

Brian Brown was shanghaied.

One would think it would be with rum, loose women and the promise of booty. No, he was lured with the promise of books to read, a place to use his yet undiscovered vocal talents and a place to geek out when he wanted. ...more

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