Brian Brown

Brian Brown was shanghaied.

One would think it would be with rum, loose women and the promise of booty. No, he was lured with the promise of books to read, a place to use his yet undiscovered vocal talents and a place to geek out when he wanted. Brian is a longtime friend to Summer Brooks and it was her sultry voice that lured him into a meeting with Michael "NEVER FORGET THE R." Mennenga.

Little did Brian know that the beer he was offered was spiked with some sort of addictive chemical. Soon enough, Brian realized it was futile to try and run because he'd just be back soon enough, so he has thrown his lot in with this scurvy band and eargerly participates in their nefarious plans.

On a side note -- Brian has been reading sci-fi and fantasy since he discovered Ray Bradbury in the 4th Grade. He is an avid reader, gamer, music aficionado, hacker, thespian, and a general geek all wrapped in a big ball of contradictions.