Lorrie Mennenga

I've been a teacher of special education for 71/2 years. I currently work for Deer Valley Unified school District teaching language arts and mathematics to 7th and 8th grade special education students. Although there are moments I feel like I'm a million years old, for the most part, they keep me young and laughing every day.

My husband Michael and I have been together for nearly 18 years (married for 16 of those years). We opted out of having children, but opened our home to 11 foster kids over the years. We still keep our doors open, and our floor space available to friends and family. Mike and I have two pets, an Amazon parrot, and a spoiled cat (who firmly believes she is an only child). I'd like to add a dog to the family, but neither of us is too interested in the poop-scooping chore that goes along with the dog.

I jealously guard any downtime I have, and bury myself in books. Reading is my passion, and I'm happiest with a book that won't let me quit until I've finished it. I love that I have the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing authors, which suits me just fine-- that just means more books!