New "Halo" Novel Release Date Announced

Halo fans will want to put down their game controls and head out to their local bookstores early next year.   [Read more...]

Remembering Frank Frazetta

Pioneering fantasy artist Frank Frazetta passed away Monday at the age of 82, reports the Associated Press.   [Read more...]

Review: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty by Raymond Benson

Let me begin by saying that I wanted to love this book. I love the game, I love the characters, I love reading; it seemed a natural fit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. What I ended up reading was an “okay” version of a story that I know could have been much better.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #403A: Gregg Olsen

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike talk with Gregg Olsen about his latest true crime story, A Twisted Faith. Gregg talks about the elements of this crime that drew him to want to tell the story, uncovering the feelings and beliefs driving the people involved, and the aftermath and recovery process for those involved.   [Read more...]

Worldwide D&D Game Day

On Saturday, October 16, 2004, participating game stores will present two adventures well stocked with hapless monsters to slay. Bring some friends to adventure with or meet some new gaming buddies at the event. The mini adventure, Lair or the Mad Alchemist, provides a great introduction to D&D, while The Forgotten Forge offers the thrill of a full-scale adventure set in the exciting new world of Eberron.   [Read more...]