WesterCon 58

4 wonderful days in Calgary has left us with a new appreciation for Canada. We may even have to start being nicer to Canadians after this. (No, Really!)

We met some great people, and talked with some really great fans of Scifi/Fantasy. We came away from the experience amazed. Canadians love their scifi, and with any luck, we have gained a whole bunch of new listeners to our shows as well.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #123: WesterCon 57 Bonanza

Featuring G.P. Taylor, Nicole Kurtz, Daryl Mallett, and Michael D'Ambrosio   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #122: Walter Hunt / Michelle Welch

Walter H. Hunt
We kidnapped Walt when we found him at WesterCon 57 and took him back to the studio to talk about his latest book, The Dark Ascent.

Michelle Welch
Michelle is a local author, and we had a conversation with her on the convention floor about her latest book,The Bright and the Dark.   [Read more...]

KFYI #34: Guest Host Michael Stackpole

What will the Mike's be talking about? Anything that floats there way, most likely. They've both just come back from WesterCon 57, so that's sure to be a dominating topic!   [Read more...]

KFYI #33: Live from WesterCon 57

We'll be broadcasting our show LIVE from the largest regional science fiction and fantasy convention in the Southwest: WESTERCON 57! We'll cover all the excitement live from the show and hope to see many of you there.   [Read more...]