Review: "Lord of the Changing Winds" by Rachel Neumeier

What is refreshing about Lord of the Changing Winds is that it presents a refreshingly new adaptation of griffin lore. When neighboring kingdom Casmantium begins to threaten their desert with ice, the Griffins are forced to flee, taking their desert with them. Griffins are so intimately bound with the element of fire, it has become their own life essence, their spirit.   [Read more...]

Review: "Small Favor" by Jim Butcher

Small Favor is a great read and I think that the Dresden Files books are a great introduction to fantasy/sci-fi for someone who doesn’t normally read such genres. It’s a P.I. mystery with magic with strong characters, an over arching plots as well as smaller story arcs that finish up in single book... mostly.   [Read more...]

Review: "In the Courts of the Crimson Kings" by S.M. Stirling

S.M. Stirling writes a whiz bang up alternative universe story. I really enjoyed how this book was so very different from the first but yet was JUST as compelling. The characters are interesting and he has no qualm about killing off someone you thought was a main character. The technology being living creatures, grown for very specific purposes was a nice, creepy touch.   [Read more...]

Review: "Darwin's Paradox" by Nina Munteanu

Nina Munteanu weaves a good story that has some large concepts peppered through it. The story does have warts but they are easy enough to gloss over and dig into the main story. There are some nice twists and turns and rabbit holes to follow the tale down. I hope that future books have more about the world, the citizens who inhabit it, and the politics of city states.   [Read more...]

Review: "The Princes of the Golden Cage" by Nathalie Mallet

The Princes of the Golden Cage is a good little read. It's not an uber mystery and it's not an epic fantasy but it's a nice amalgam of both. After the story gets moving along there are some interesting twists and turns with some not so typical resolutions. There are a nice variety of characters and the settings are gorgeous in my mind's eye.   [Read more...]

Review: "The Devil You Know" by Mike Carey

This is a great read. It starts as a slow meandering walk but eventually becomes a frantic run towards the finish line. The twists and turns kept me guessing, I had some of the pieces of the puzzle but there were a lot that didn't fall into place until the last few chapters. I loved how even the smaller characters had a depth to them.   [Read more...]

Review: "Horizons" by Mary Rosenblum

This story, at its roots, is about change. Politics, humankind's place in space and how people who inhabit space are changing. The orbitals want autonomy, the government of Earth wants to maintain control and some want the destruction of both. I recommend picking this book up and enjoying the story contained.   [Read more...]

Review: "Chance Fortune and the Outlaws" by Shane Berryhill

Chance Fortune and the Outlaws is a fun story that pays homage to classic comic books and throws in young people having to deal with more than just learning to use their powers. If you enjoy a good read along the lines of Mr. Potter and his friends, comic book superheroes or just want something different to entice younger readers I would recommend this book.   [Read more...]

Review: "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss

Have you ever picked up a book and thought that there was NO WAY it could be as good as the press blurbs on the cover? Have you every believed those blurbs only to be told a complete lie or at the very least, a partial truth?

This is a book that actually lives up to it's positive buzz and blurbs.   [Read more...]

Review: "The Sky People" by S.M. Stirling

The Sky People is a fun read that harkens back to another time in science fiction writing. It has some minor quibbles but nothing that would get in the way of enjoying this rousing tale. So fire up the rockets and head to your local bookstore and pick up this gem.   [Read more...]

Review: "Sagramanda" by Alan Dean Foster

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a techo thriller with near future sci-fi thrown in. It is a well written and enjoyable tale that is full of the flavor of India, its culture and people, from a forward looking perspective.   [Read more...]