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McIntyre Talks about Writing "Trek" Novels

Best-selling and award-winning author Vonda N. McIntyre has penned some of the best loved original "Star Trek" novels as well as the adaptations for several of the big-screen adventures. "David Hartwell invited me to write a 'Star Trek' book for Pocket Books, which had recently obtained the license to publish original 'Star Trek' novels. He […]

"Naked Heat" preview now on

For all the Castle fans out there, there's a preview of the next book in the Nikki Heat series, Naked Heat, available at As of today, Chatper 1 is available for a free download: Last year, ABC and Hyperion books gave us the first 10 chapters for free, prior to the book's release […]

"Twilight" Novels Among ALA's "Most Challenged" Books

The latest survey of banned books indicates that the "Twilight" series ranks as the fifth most requested books to be banned by public libraries. The latest report on "challenged books" by the American Library Associations indicates that Meyer is in good company along with the Harry Potter novels and several other classics for the most […]

Brooks Sells New Shannara Trilogy

If you're  a fan of Terry Brooks' Shanara universe, we have good news for you.  (On the other hand, if you're like me and behind on the books, you may let out a sigh of despair at ever catching up...) Brooks has sold the next Shanara trilogy to Del Rey, who will publish the books […]

Amazon Settles "1984" Lawsuit

Remember earlier this year when Amazon recalled copies of "1984" and "Animal Farm" from people's Kindle readers without warning them first? Yes, it was inconvenient and an annoyance to everyone who had purchased the novels. But for Justin Gawronski it was much more that that. Gawronski was reading both books on the Kindle and using […]

Werewolves To Meet Little Women

The idea of mixing supernatural monsters with classic (and public domain) pieces of literature has proved to be a smashing success in the publishing world. First we had the instant classic "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and last month saw the release of "Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters." But apparently the classic monsters weren't content […]

"Heat Wave" by Richard Castle Now Online

The serialization of the first few chapters of the first Nikki Heat novel by Richard Castle (lead character in the ABC crime comedy/drama Castle), is now available online. You can download a PDF of the first chapter this week, and a new chapter will be posted online every week until the second season premiere on […]

Stross Blends Cold War Thrillers, Cthulhu in New Collection

Author Charles Stross says that several of the stories in his recently published collection, "Wireless" were influenced by growing up during the Cold War and reading stories set in the universe of Cthulhu. "I grew up in the UK during the latter stages of the Cold War," Stross told SciFi Wire. "Britain is relatively compact, […]

'Castle' will use Book to promote series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC will be trying out an old-school promotional tool rather than any new social networking campaigns: publishing a book. The TV series "Castle" features a New York Times best-selling mystery author, in the style of James Patterson and Michael Connolly, and as a series tie-in, a book published by the […]

Tim Pratt's Reader-Supported Novella Project

Author Tim Pratt posted a note to his LiveJournal about a project of necessity: Bone Shop: A Reader-Supported Novella As I mentioned yesterday, my wife was laid off this week, and while we both hope she finds a new job soon (and that I sell some more novels, as far as that goes), we're in […]

Sanderson Signs Four Book Deal

Writer Brandon Sanderson is having a pretty good year. Sanderson was chosen by the estate of Robert Jordan to complete work on the final installments of the "Wheel of Time" saga and his current fantasy offering "Warbreaker" is winning critical praise. According to SF Scope, Sanderson has just signed a new four-book deal with Tor.  […]

Suvudu Offers Free Downloadable Books

Have you ever been standing in the bookstore, browsing the sci-fi and fantasy offerings and wondering--will I like this novel or series once I get it home and start reading? Of course, there's always sample chapters of a novel made available on-line by most publishers. But what if you could get a free, downloadable copy […]

"Personal Effects: Dark Art": This Book Is Only Half the Story

"Personal Effects," a collaboration between thriller writer J.C. Hutchins and game designer Jordan Weisman, is part book and partly the latest entry in the hybrid entertainment form known as "alternate reality games."   [Read more...]

Roger Zelazny Collections from NESFA Press

The New England Science Fiction Association is the group behind Boskone and NESFA Press, and during 2009, they are publishing the collection stories of Roger Zelazny. Volume 1: Threshold and Volume 2: Power & Light are already available. Coming in July 2009: Volume 3: This Mortal Mountain Volume 4: Last Exit to Babylon Coming in […]

"Turn Coat" Hits USA Today Bestseller List

Good news for fans of Harry Dresden. The eleventh installment of the Dresden Files, "Turn Coat" is another best-seller for Jim Butcher's urban-fantasy series. "Turn Coat" debuts at number ten on the USA Today Best-Seller list for this week. The novel went on sale last Tuesday and according to Barnes & Noble's Bob Wietrak, "Turn […]

Book Tour: Jim Butcher "Turn Coat"

Harry Dresden, a professional wizard, has done his best to keep his nose clean where the White Council of Wizards is concerned. Now Dresden finds himself faced with a nightmarish dilemma: Morgan, formerly his chief persecutor among the Wardens, has been wrongly accused of treason against the White Council—and has come to Harry for help. […]