Look ma! No splash page!

Many of you will notice that the terribly annoying splash page has been removed. You are very welcome. Others of you will notice that our less-than-literary podcast, Wingin' It! has been removed from this page.

Never fear, it didn't go far. For mature audiences, it can be found at MichaelandEvo.com. It needed to move, and it has.   [Read more...]

The Nymphos Of Rocky Flats

Mario Acevedo

Chewbacca Has A Blog

Chewy has a blog:

"Aaaa aaaaarrrrr rrrrrrrr rrnnnn nn nnhhhh, aaaa aaaaa aaaa aaa uh aaa uh-aaaaaa aaaaRRRRRR HHH. Aaaa guhaaaa aaaaa uhaa aar rrrrnnn uhnnnn nnn uhnhh.
aaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaarrn nnhhhh, hurrnhhhh. UUUHHHGGG-rrrr! UUUHHHGGG-rrrr!"

Check it out.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #198: Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

This week, things change a bit. Michael, Evo & Summer start out talking about The Last Harbinger. A radio drama put out by Crazy Dog Audio Theater. Check them out if you are looking for something a little different to listen to.

Next, Michael and Summer call arcoss the pond and talk with Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. A couple of guys doing some amazing things in Young-Adult fantasy. Their books, The Edge Chronicles, are making quite a stir.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #197: Joe Haldeman / Kit Reed

This week we talk to Joe Haldeman his book Old Twentieth. A book that tells us that living forever is a bit boring. Immortals casting themselves off into space for a 1000 year journey. Fun stuff.

Next up, We talk to Kit Reed about Dogs of Truth. A good collection of stories that you may enjoy.   [Read more...]

Happy Buy Me Something Month!

Ok, this is wild, but I have been asked by several people. (5 believe it or not,) for a wish list.

So here it is.

Be warned - I have very expensive needs. Most everything is for the studio and the show. (There are a couple personal items)

If you're really feeling the love, and gotta give us something, then here it is.

You fans are weird, but we love ya!   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #196: Writers of the Future 2005

This week we talk to three authors whose work is featured in the new book L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. 21. A book that is the 21st volume in the anthology series sponsored by Hubbard's Writers of the Future program.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #195: Tracy Hickman / R. A. Salvatore

This week we talk to Tracy Hickman about his new book Mystic Quest. A book that he worked on with his wife Laura. It is Book 2 of The Bronze Canticles series.

Next up, We talk to Bob Salvatore about his next Dark Elf book Promise of the Witch King.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #194: Richard K. Morgan / Alison Baird

In the past, Richard K. Morgan has joined us to talk about every book he has written. So when his new book Woken Furies was released, we had to get him on to talk about it as well.

Next, Alison Baird joins us to talk about The Archons of the Stars, part of the Dragon Throne series. Fantasy, dragons, and a good story. What else could you want?   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #193: Kate Elliott / Elaine Isaak

First up is Kate Elliott talking about her new book In the Ruins. Book 6 in The Crown of Stars series. Check it out.

Next, Elaine Isaak tells us about The Singer's Crown. This book makes Michael uncomfortable. Tune in and find out why.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #192: Robert J. Sawyer / Kevin J. Anderson

Robert J. Sawyer was in town for a local convention and we got him in studio to talk about his new book Mindscan. Rob also talks to us about science and science fiction writing.

Next, Kevin J. Anderson joins us to talk about The Road To Dune. Kevin originally talked to us in our room at Dragon Con, but Kevin and Michael found a bar later and that interview disappeared. Kevin was good enough to redo the interview from a convention in Portland.   [Read more...]

The New Draco-Vista Studio

After a few long days of work, the New-and-Improved Draco-Vista Studio is now ready for action.

A clean studio with a clean mixer. What else could you want?   [Read more...]


Thought I would share my new toys that came into the studio today.

I love my job!   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #191: Barbara Hambly / Michelle Welch

Barbara Hambly's book Circle of the Moon is our first topic of discussion this week. An interesting tale of a world where magic has transfered from men, to women. Talk about a shift in power.

Then Michelle Welch joins us in studio to talk about Chasing Fire.   [Read more...]

Buy a house in Colorado complete with a wife!

Just in case you are drinking heavily while listening to this Week's Wingin' It! and are looking for a life-mate and a new house, this may be for you.

The idea of House With Bride began while I was contemplating selling my house in Denver, Colorado. Although my company is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few years ago I bought a house in Denver. My life in Albuquerque had solely revolved around my work, and I felt that I needed to make some changes to improve my social life and hopefully meet my soul mate.

Find out more (and place a bid if you like,) at her website.

And if you win the bid, we'll put you on our next Wingin' It! show. (The beer is on us this time!)   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #190: George R. R. Martin / Terence West

You've asked for it, we have been promising it, now we finally deliver! The amazing George R. R. Martin is our guest this week and he tells us about his long awaited book A Feast For Crows. He tells us what took so long, and gives us insight into the next book coming out soon.

Next up Terence West joins us to talk about Fallen Angels. A book about Area 51, alien abduction, and lots of government intrige.   [Read more...]