Cover to Cover #185: Deborah LeBlanc / Holly Lisle

TalynShow Notes
Grave Intent by Deborah LeBlanc.
Talyn by Holly Lisle.

First up this week we talk with Deborah LeBlanc about her book Grave Intent. Deborah is a great guest with a slightly twisted view on life. (She fits right in.)

We then talk to Holly Lisle about Talyn. Holly's book is about two civilizations battling for dominance Technology vs. Religion. It makes for an interesting ride.

This week we cover a few of the books in the studio.

Tee Morris returns one more time to toss to the dragon.


  1. Great show guys! As usual - glad to hear you both sounding back to normal.

    If you are taking requests for writer interviews how about Stephen R. Donaldson of Thomas Convenant and the Gap series fame?



  2. Hey guys - great show as usual. Glad to hear you both sounding back to normal again!

    Under the list of future writers to interview, how Stephen R. Donaldson of the Thomas Covenant and Gap Series fame?



  3. I know I am behind....

    Tee, I was listening to you feed the dragon, and happened to be drinking coffee. *shakes head* John Holms edition. *still laughing as I choke on coffee*

  4. Tee Morris says

    This is why the guys don't mind me being the guest that wouldn't go away...I make coffe come out of listeners' noses! ;^)

    Glad you enjoyed the show!