Review: "The Last Dragon" by Jane Yolen & Rebecca Guay

Wow, I really don’t know where to start with this review. Do I begin with the beautiful art of Rebecca Guay, or wax poetic on the enthralling story crafted by Jane Yolen?   [Read more...]

Book Tour: Paul Salamoff

DISCORD hits shelves this week, and Paul will be appearing at various Los Angeles area comics stores for signings.   [Read more...]

Review: Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Graphic Novel)

This graphic novel is perfect for anyone that has seen the movie or read the books, and wants to remember this great story. But more than that, this would be perfect if you have young kids that would be bored with the movie, but you want to share this with them. They would love this book and could act as a gateway to get them to read the novels.   [Read more...]

Review: Bloom County: The Complete Library, Vol 1

The book has comic strips from Mr Breathed very first comics that he did in his college paper, up to 1982. His first drawings were funny, but doesn't look at all like they do later on. But you can still see his humor and a few of his characters that he stuck with.   [Read more...]

Review: Silverfin - A Young James Bond Adventure

"There's something slithering in the dark waters around a Scottish castle. Something that must be kept secret, something very deadly. One man with a thirst for power will use it. Whatever the cost. One young boy stands in his way. His name is James. James Bond."

Cue the music!!   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #293A: Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael chat with writer Anthony Lappé and illustrator Dan Goldman about Shooting War, a graphic novel that started out as a webcomic and broke big into print last fall.

Anthony tells us how the story that grew out of his experiences as a journalist in Iraq changed from being a novel to a graphic novel, and how he partnered with Dan Goldman to bring the story to vivid reality. He tells us how the surreal aura around the reality colored the story of the book, and about letting people figure out how to find out what's going for themselves   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #247: Charlie Huston

Interview: This week, crime thriller author Charlie Huston drops by the studio to talk with Michael, Summer and Tim about the second of his vampire noir novels, "No Dominion" (also see our review of "No Dominion"). The highly regarded sequel to "Already Dead" continues the story of vampyre PI Joe Pitt, and our immersion and discovery of a world containing a new vampyre mythology.   [Read more...]

Review: "The Making of a Graphic Novel/The Resonator" by Prentis Rollins

This is one of those ideas that seems so obvious you wonder why it hasn't been done before. Writer-artist Rollins, who's worked extensively for DC Comics, splits his book in half.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #199: Crazee Comics / Frederik Pohl

This week we kick things off with a conversation about a new comic book making waves. Michael talks about Crazee Comics, and two of their titles. There's An Alien In My Toilet and Forbidden.

Next, the gang talks to master author Frederik Pohl. A man that has been writing science fiction longer that most of us have been reading it. His latest book, Platinum Pohl, is one to check out if you want a sample of his work. Don't miss this interview with a true master.   [Read more...]

"The Hedge Knight" goes into second printing

The boys at DBPro have done an amazing job with their graphic novel adaptation of George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight. In a recent press release: In the world of comics, even death can rarely hold back a hero. Such is the case of Dabel Brothers Production's adaptation of The Hedge Knight, which, despite […]

Lions, Tigers and Bears sells out!

Great news from our friend Mike Bullock of Runemaster Studios about his comic book Lions, Tigers and Bears: On February 2nd of 2005, Runemaster Studios, Alias Enterprises and Image Comics joined forces to release Lions, Tigers and Bears #1. Two and a half weeks later when retailers contacted Diamond Comics Distributors to replenish their depleted […]

Some really cool web comics...

Now, I think most fans of the blog know about this guy's web comic, but I've got to throw in his banner here... If you ever took two of the baddest MF-ers in SF/F/H and had Neil Simon write for them, it wold be this strip! This guy's comic of two pals living the bachelor's […]

More in Comics Movie News

According to this Hollywood Reporter article, there were some movie updates in December that I completely missed.

Chris Columbus is directing Sub-Mariner, which is being written by David Self (Road to Perdition and Thirteen Days).

Nick Cassavetes will be directing Iron Man.

Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy) will be directing The Watchmen.   [Read more...]

Science fiction comics

Occasionally, columnist Mike Bullock writes the Industrial Evolution section at Broken Frontier. A few days ago, his latest article was all about science fiction comic books. Not superheroes, not horror, and not dark fantasy. We're talking wholesale sequential science fiction.

Oh my...

"A child's instinctual need for the comfort of a stuffed animal is rooted in a reality long forgotten by the adult world. The hidden truth is that these companions have been defending children since the dawn of time." With those words, creator Mike Bullock kicks off his new four-issue mini-series, LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS, debuting […]


Think we should review comics? Hate the idea? Let us know... Michael Moorcock's Elric returns to comics with the legendary Walt Simonson delivering the artwork. What more could you want? Before Elric became the legendary figure fantasy fans know and love, he was a young man still trying to find his identity and carve his […]