Cover to Cover #247: Charlie Huston

Moon KnightWhat are your thoughts about "Cover to Cover" expanding book and author coverage beyond SF, fantasy and horror? Comment here, email us, or call in and leave a voicemail.

Listener Feedback: Summer responds to a comment asking for info on SF/F reading groups in other areas; CA's voicemail also asks about Stackpole's The Secrets podcast, and Mike S lets us know that it will continue, but after he finished the Novel That Would Not Die.

We also talk about contests and other scams that new writers still seem to fall for, and issues surrounding self-publishing, small presses, vanity presses, and some invaluable online resources that every new writer hoping for publication should be aware of, and checking on a regular basis:

AC Crispin and Victoria Strauss: Writer Beware Blog
Preditors and Editors: Warnings List
SFWA: Writer Beware info

Interview: This week, crime thriller author Charlie Huston drops by the studio to talk with Michael, Summer and Tim about the second of his vampire noir novels, "No Dominion" (also see our review of "No Dominion"). The highly regarded sequel to "Already Dead" continues the story of vampyre PI Joe Pitt, and our immersion and discovery of a world containing a new vampyre mythology.

Later, at the signing event at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Summer discovered that Charlie's also been tapped to write the first 13 issues of the revival of Marvel Comics' Moon Knight, the first 6 of which are now available in a hardcover collection. Summer geeked some more.

Charlie's still on tour, and has a couple of more events in the Los Angeles area... we highly recommend that you go see him, if you have the chance. For more information about Charlie's book tour and other novels, see his website,

The Library: Michael M reminisces about how many older books he had to clear out last year before delving into The Library: "A March into Darkness", by Robert Newcomb, "The Tower of Shadows" by Drew Bowling, "Brass Man" by Neal Asher, "Mother of Lies" by Dave Duncan, "Deliverer" by CJ Cherryh, and "Gift of the Unmage" by Alma Alexander are this week's titles.

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  1. My friends and I have a SF/F reading/book club in KC. If anyone is interested, I'll post details.

  2. The greatest help in getting my novel almost finished (100,000 words currently being editied) has been four podcasts - The Secrets, The Suvival Guide to Writing Fantasy, I Should be Writing and of course Cover to Cover.

    I like the change and I'm very pleased Mike has come on board.

    onward and upward

  3. Lou Sytsma (sit - sma) says

    Woohoo - another great show team. Keep up the stellar work!

  4. You have time to delve into technothrillers, spies and crime? Seems unlikely. 😉

  5. I'm working on those time manipulation skillz. Hiro Nakamura intrigued me, then I watched TAKEN again, and there was little Allison Clarke manipulating time and space... so now I'm trying to do the same, without abusing caffeine or indulging in sleep deprivation.