Cover to Cover #462: Deconstructing the Story

Mike S points out that the real kidney punch to B&N was done by Apple a few weeks ago with their ebook textbook deals, and the guys talk about how these deals could change how teachers teach and how people learn.

Rewrite Update: Mike M details his first plunge back into rewriting Mistress of the Dragon in 12 years, and the guys talk about the deconstruction process and the details to focus on that can improve story depth and detail.   [Read more...]

"Dracula" Goes Interactive

The king of vampire is rising from the grave again--and this time he's going interactive. One of the icon's of the horror genre, "Dracula" will get a new make-over for the 21st century when an interactive version of the classic Bram Stoker novel is released for iPads next week. According to USA Today, the new […]

The Kobo eReader

Borders Bookstores will be launching their own eReader campaign this June, complete with an eBook store and the eReader, Kobo. This is the first release of Kobo in the United States after its success in Canada. The Kobo eReader measures in at about 4.7 x 7.2 x 0.4 inches, and weighs less than 8 ounces. […]

Cover to Cover #385A: Michael Zapp

Interview: Michael Mennenga and Michael Stackpole chat with Michael Zapp about the development and evolution of his iPhone/iPod Touch book reading app "Legends". They also speculate on the impact the rumored Apple Tablet might have as an ebook reader and possibly as the next fundamental shift in computing devices.   [Read more...]

Amazon to Offer Kindle e-Books On Cell Phones

Amazon is looking to expand its Kindle e-book range in the coming weeks according to the Associated Press. The Internet retailer is working on making to offer Kindle e-books¬† "on a range of mobile phones"¬† according to company spokesman Drew Herdener. There is no word yet on which cell phones will be included in the […]

Review: MobiPocket Software

I think of myself as a technical girl, so after listening to your comments about reading with a handheld device I thought I should try it out. I have to admit that the concept was not appealing. While I've been lovin' my HTC Smartphone with it's touch screen; I've found watching movies on it's 3x4 in screen to be less than appealing and reading PDF's an exercise in horizontal scrolling frustration.   [Read more...]

The Future of Cell Phones

This is one cool-ass phone.

"The Nokia 888 concept transcends conventional design and allows you to morph into any design you wish, roll it, bend it, clip it, whatever."

I know that I'm going to be watching for it at my local cell-phone shop.   [Read more...]