Cover to Cover #462: Deconstructing the Story

Mike S brings up the Barnes & Noble announcement to not stock any Amazon published print books in any of their brick & mortar stores, but that those books would still be available for purchase through their website.

He also points out that the real kidney punch to B&N was done by Apple a few weeks ago with their ebook textbook deals, and the guys talk about how these deals could change how teachers teach and how people learn.

Rewrite Update: Mike M details his first plunge back into rewriting Mistress of the Dragon in 12 years, and the guys talk about the deconstruction process and the details to focus on that can improve story depth and detail.

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  1. Great podcast as always, but I really love the first edition of The Secrets newsletter. It is fantastic, and I'm going to refer to it, and the future issues, as I continue my novel. I heartily recommend anyone interested in writing anything to subscribe to it.