Reading Diary #03: WebGenii's Reads

This is WebGenii, with another installment from my "Reading Diary". So what have I been reading lately?

I started with "The Bible Repairman and Other Stories" by Tim Powers, published by Tachyon Publications.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #432A: John Joseph Adams

Interview: Mike and Mike talk with John Joseph Adams about his newest collections: The Way of the Wizard from Prime Books, and The Living Dead 2 from Night Shade Books.

John talks about why working on anthologies appeal to him, his love of working on magazines, searching for the stories that fit the theme while still trying to achieve a diverse enough selection for the volume, and more.   [Read more...]

2010 World Fantasy Award Nominees

The nominees for the 2010 World Fantasy Awards for works published in 2009, were announced last week: Novel Blood of Ambrose, James Enge (Pyr) The Red Tree, Caitlín R. Kiernan (Roc) The City & The City, China Miéville (Macmillan UK/ Del Rey) Finch, Jeff VanderMeer (Underland) In Great Waters, Kit Whitfield (Jonathan Cape UK/Del Rey) […]

Cover to Cover #306A: World Fantasy 2008

Interview: Michael Stackpole and Summer talk with WFC 2008 committee members Ryah Dienes and Kurt Armbruster about all that goes into organizing a professional convention, and still have fun doing it.

WFC 2008's theme is "Mystery in Fantasy and Horror", and this year's guests are David Morrell, Barbara Hambly, Tom Doherty, Tad Williams and Todd Lockwood.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #243: Paranormal Romance

This week, we present the last of a series of interviews conducted at World Fantasy Con 2006.

Summer sat down with Paula Guran, editor of Juno Books, and author Elizabeth Bear to talk about paranormal romance, and the wide variety of story themes and components that make up this undefinable but easily recognizable genre.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #242: Vampire Powerhouse

This week, we present a World Fantasy Convention 2006 panel on vampire fiction.

Paula Guran, editor of Juno Books, is the moderator, and the panelists are Dean Anderson, P. N. Elrod, Charlaine Harris, Suzy McKee Charnas, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #241: K. D. Wentworth and Illustrators of the Future

This week, we present another World Fantasy Convention roundtable where Summer talks to Writers of the Future former winner and current judge K. D. Wentworth (an active SF writer and two-time Nebula Award finalist), Illustrators of the Future winner Laura Jennings, and Writers of the Future winner Diana Rowland.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #240: Tim Powers and Writers of the Future

This week we have a roundtable discussion from this year's World Fantasy Convention. It's a chat that spans everything from Tim's new book, Three Days to Never, his involvement as a judge of the Writers of the Future contest, a little detail on what finalists go through at their "bootcamp", and more. Just remember, it's always about the pneumatic tubes.   [Read more...]