Cover to Cover #432A: John Joseph Adams

The Living Dead 2Mike Stackpole gives us a World Fantasy report! He talks about how he was inundated by authors who have begun to realize the value of making their backlists available as ebooks for themselves, and he relates an anecdote about an editor calling him out about how easy it can be for an author to self-publish an ebook.

The news that the Ian Fleming estate will handle the ebook catalog themselves rather than letting Penguin handle it is another signal in the shift in attitudes towards electronic publishing and how much easier it's become to enter the field.

Interview: Mike and Mike talk with John Joseph Adams about his newest collections: The Way of the Wizard from Prime Books, and The Living Dead 2 from Night Shade Books.

John talks about why working on anthologies appeal to him, his love of working on magazines, searching for the stories that fit the theme while still trying to achieve a diverse enough selection for the volume, and more.

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