Cover to Cover #241: K. D. Wentworth and Illustrators of the Future

The Course of EmpireThis week, we present another World Fantasy Convention roundtable where Summer talks to Writers of the Future former winner and current judge K. D. Wentworth (an active SF writer and two-time Nebula Award finalist), Illustrators of the Future winner Laura Jennings, and Writers of the Future winner Diana Rowland.

We talk about the workshops and professional advice that the winners and finalists are treated to, the immediate network of industry professionals and contacts that the winners can get help from, and the information taught from the pros and judges in the workshops.

The Library: Michael and Summer welcome new reviewer Brian Brown to the dragon's cave, and he helps us continue to slash our way through the Studio Library. Never fear, we will get through the rest of the backlog very soon!

Upcoming additions: "Cover to Cover" will soon be including interviews submitted by guest interviewers, and reviews by guest reviewers. The call went out for guest content, and the response so far has been positive. More book coverage is always a good thing!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

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  1. Michael Mennega says

    No comments? I'm depressed. 😉

  2. Mike rocks!!

  3. Great interview, and I'm glad to hear my three attemtps at the contest , which bombed, are with in the average. Especially hearing that Kevin Anderson didn't win the contest before getting too many pro sells. Which is another way of saying he fell up the ladder of sucess.