Cover to Cover #243: Paranormal Romance

Show Notes: Paranormal Romance: An Interview with Paula Guran and Elizabeth Bear

Best New Paranormal RomanceThis week, we present the last of a series of interviews conducted at World Fantasy Con 2006.

Summer sat down with Paula Guran, editor of Juno Books, and author Elizabeth Bear to talk about paranormal romance, and the wide variety of story themes and components that make up this undefinable but easily recognizable genre.

But where do you put the books so that the maximum number of people interested in these stories can find them? Do you really have to singly brand these books, or is it time for someone to shake up the bookstores or the way books are sold so that we can more easily find and distribute the hard-to-categorize but great to read books.

The Library: Michael, Summer and Brian finish going through the backlog in The Library: Paul Park's "The Tourmaline", Heinlein's "Red Planet", Mary Rosenblum's "Horizons", "The Science Fiction Century, Vol 2" edited by David G. Hartwell, Steven Erickson's "House of Chains", Shane Berryhill's "Chance Fortune and the Outlaws", Juliet Marillier's "Blade of Fortune", Elizabeth Haydon's "The Assassin King", and Kate Elliott's "Spirit Gate" get the quick-hit treatment. We're finally all caught up!

Voicemail: Paul from Des Moines commenting on the previously mentioned problem of finding older books in a series when the next books in the series are published. There really has to be a better way to resolve this problem.

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  1. interesting show, more info on the publishing world is always good to hear. As far as books go, I'm leaning more and more toward e-books mainly because, other than my kitchen, there is a stack of books in every room. And I don't mind reading from my laptop.

  2. Michelle in NY says

    just catching up on my backlog of podcasts and very happy to hear more about this genre. I will look into getting the books mentioned - though I already love the Anita Blake series. I read books on my Palm in ereader format and really hope more authors and publishers trust this format so I have more to read. Its much easier to read a book on my palm while in a crowded subway than an actual book.