Cover to Cover #446: Patricia Briggs

River MarkedNews: Mike and Mike talk about Borders filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the ripple effects those store closings may create through the rest of the books and publishing industry, in addition to the shifts in sales of physical books and ebooks.

Interview: This week, Patricia Briggs joins the guys to talk about her newest book, River Marked, the 6th and newest book in her Mercy Thompson series. In this story, she not only explores Mercy's Native American heritage, but also delves into a true monster tale.

Patricia talks about some of the social exploration she delves into through her urban fantasy universe, and about the research she does in various cities and locations to work those into her stories, including the river monster for River Marked!

Link: Patricia Briggs Official Website

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  1. Blair Gubernath says

    Hi Mike and Mike I love the podcasts and I'm so very happy you're here to offer advice. I remember that you guys commented on the fact that the benchmark for e-readers is when they got down to $99 dollars. That that price was some kind of threshold to open the flood gates. Well i just found out that KOBO now sells their wireless e-reader for $99 dollars. What are your thoughts if any on that news. Or if you mentioned it already and I missed those comments I apologize for the repetition. Good Luck with all future projects! :o)