Cover to Cover #464: Understanding Character Growth

Discussing the News: Mike S talks about Amazon's Kindle Select program that allows Kindle owners to borrow ebooks, and the payment method they're using to compensate authors for the loans, but it's an Amazon exclusive program. The discussion swirls about whether the program is financially beneficial to the authors.

Writing Discussion: Mike M got himself an iPhone at last, and he talks about how he's using Notepad to make notes on his story editing throughout the day, as well as using Siri to help him record notes faster.

The talk then turns towards character growth, and the small things that you can add to the story to show how your characters can grow and change over time, taking into account how emotional impact can touch both character and reader.

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  1. Shelley says

    Is Cover to Cover ever coming back? *hopes*

  2. Wondering the same thing. After all this time of listening to the show I was used to their regularity. It would be nice if the Dragon pagers would just let us know if they were taking a long break. Hope you come back soon guys.

  3. Hope everything is okay with you guys. Would love to hear a new show.

  4. From what I understand, there are plans to do more shows. Stackpole's been busy, and traveling (in fact, he's on the guest list with his own table at Phoenix Comicon this weekend), but there will be more... it's just a matter of when.

    I'm also looking at ways to get Laith, WebGenii and Tia to do interviews of their own in addition to more book reviews (in fact, Tia is also at Phoenix Comicon as one of our roving reporters).

    So yes, more will be on the way, along with some additions we hope folks will also enjoy.

  5. I'll throw in my few cents worth (and give myself some social pressure 😉 )

    I've got a few reviews almost ready and now that I'm passed the holiday, and nearly out of the chaos of May, I plan on putting fingers to keyboard and getting them done and out there for you all.
    The recent months and the upcoming few are full of way too many really good sounding titles... if only there were enough hours in the day.