Cover to Cover #469: Talking with Kevin J. Anderson

Saga of Shadows, Book 1

Saga of Shadows, Book 1

Kevin J. Anderson joins Mike and Mike to talk about his newest novel, The Dark Between the Stars. It's the first of his new series, "Saga of Shadows", which takes place 20 years after the events of his "Saga of the Seven Suns" series, with reviewers calling it "Game of Thrones, with planets".

Kevin talks about the challenge of diving into a universe and picking back up with a series five years after the last time you played in it, and how he managed to write an 800-page manuscript in 47 days (key points: have a recorder to dictate, and an assistant to transcribe).

He also goes into detail about his writing process and how dictating his drafts into a voice recorder as he goes on hikes gives him great inspiration and the flexibility of not having to choose between writing and hiking, and about the direct recorder technology he prefers over voice transcription software.

Kevin also talks about adjusting to the rapid changes in the publishing industry and what inspired him to put up his out-of-print backlist out in electronic format himself, and about turning WordFire Press into a viable outlet to publish and promote ebooks for authors besides himself, including Brian Herbert and Frank Herbert, and the fresh approach that Story Bundle is taking towards helping indie authors and best-selling authors get their ebooks out to the readers who want them, and distributing the books that the publishing houses don't see as being profitable enough for them to take on.

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