Cover to Cover #197: Joe Haldeman / Kit Reed

Dogs of TruthShow Notes
Old Twentieth by Joe Haldeman.
Dogs of Truth by Kit Reed.

This week we talk to Joe Haldeman his book Old Twentieth. A book that tells us that living forever is a bit boring. Immortals casting themselves off into space for a 1000 year journey. Fun stuff.

Next up, We talk to Kit Reed about Dogs of Truth. A good collection of stories that you may enjoy.

This week's Library Segment is missing. Find out why.

The dragon goes hungry this week while Michael & Evo tell you about a convention you won't want to miss, and give away the MST3K DVD set to a lucky listener.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the Haldeman interview. Podcasts are excellent for hearing interviews with people that would never get on the old boring media. I had not heard of that book either, so will check it out, given I have read pretty much all his other SF stuff.

    Thanks again. I have been working my way through some back casts that I want to listen to, and I am pretty much up to date now. You can only get back to 166 though?