Cover to Cover #138: Margaret Weis / Kody Chamberlain

Margaret Weis
We so love it when guests agree to come back a second time. It means we don't suck. Yea! The Dragon's Son is the sequel to the popular Mistress of Dragons. It's a world ruled by dragons (though the humans don't know it,) filled with dragon magic and occasionally fed upon by dragons. It also contains a half-dragon, half-human-- hence the title.

You also might be interested in her second book also being released, Amber and Ashes. 'Cuz she never sleeps...

Kody Chamberlain
Kody draws horror comic books and 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales is his latest. If you're wondering why you can't find red ink at your local store, it's because Kody has used ALL of it in his work. Bloody doesn't do it justice. And it's really cool! If you're into horror (which is just getting stared in the comic industry) you'll want to pick up a copy! Oh, and he's writing about breaking into the comic industry for those interested.

Dragon Bites - Science Fiction News

  • Team America - World Police shaking things up
  • RE 4 game on the way
  • Evo loved Shaun of the Dead
  • Lockheed-Martin turned things upside down on Gensis
  • Anaconda scare during Anacondas
  • Evo missed Final Cut
  • Real rocket belt in litigation

Feed the Dragon
Coke (R) label scientifically proven to be more responsive to the brain than Pepsi (R). Still no cure for cancer.


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