Cover to Cover #154: Fiona Avery

Araña - Heart of the Spider from Marvel is Fiona Avery's latest book. As in "comic" book, or graphic novel. It's a Latina superheroine story which has garnered some serious critical acclaim. Fiona approaches stories from her anthropological background, giving additional depth and perspective you may not see in other works.

It's all about SAVING ENTERPRISE! No, we're not gonna take it! UPN has said it's over...

Over? Did you say OVER? Nothing is over until we say it's over! Was it over when the... Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no... And it ain't over now!

Sorry. I'm better. But seriously, don't let Enterprise Die. We need your help. It won't take long. And listen to the show for even more motivation!

Dragon Bites

  • Slither sounds like a great movie.
  • New MMORPG community launched
  • Terminator 4 news
  • Waiting for Star Wars is back
  • Pirates II on the way, with III not far behind.

Feed the Dragon
Making her debut on this segment, Summer takes the pitchfork in hand and tosses non-spoiling spoilers to the Dragon.