Cover to Cover #199: Crazee Comics / Frederik Pohl

This week we kick things off with a conversation about a new comic book making waves. Michael talks about Crazee Comics, and two of their titles. There's An Alien In My Toilet and Forbidden.

Next, the gang talks to master author Frederik Pohl. A man that has been writing science fiction longer that most of us have been reading it. His latest book, Platinum Pohl, is one to check out if you want a sample of his work. Don't miss this interview with a true master.

Happy New Year!


  1. You guys ever answer your email? Or ignore a lot of it? : (

  2. We do our best to answer it all, but sometimes it does get lost in the mix.

    If you didn't get a response, try again. I rarely miss it twice.


  3. Hi!

    I've started listening to your podcast a little time ago and now I'm hooked!

    I would like to know, on your show cover-to-cover 199 there was a commercial on giving your voice. "Libery"? I can't find the web site. Can you help me?

    Your show wining it is just too funny! I listen to it at work and it makes my day.



  4. This isn't a complaint, but an observation. I was curious if the new format for the Dragon Page was going to be one interview per week with a shorter show and that time (as it appears to have happened) allowed to bleed over into Wingin' It!?

    Just curious.

    Another great show Summer and Mike.