Cover to Cover #66: Stan Lee / Peter David

Stan Lee
For those of you unlucky souls who missed our interview with Stan back in March, you're in luck. Since The Hulk comes crashing into theaters June 20th, we decided to bring Stan back on the show for an encore performance and to see what's new in his world and the world of POW: Purveyors of Wonder!

Once again, Stan proved to be one the the most entertaining and enlightening guests we've every had the pleasure to speak with. Not only does he have "The Hulk" release to look forward to, but his latest work in TV animation, Stripperella, launches very soon on The New TNN. Stan definitely has plenty of pokers in the fire, and we're glad he took the time out of his busy schedule to share a conversation with us.

Peter David
Continuing on our Hulk theme for the day, we speak with Peter David, author for the monthly comic for more than 12 years. Peter also penned the novelization of the soon-to-be-blockbuster movie and shared with us what it's like to shift from monthly comic form to adapting a screenplay into a novel.

Turns out, Peter is old hat at this. His fans will attest to his prolific writing skill and has cranked out several Star Trek novels plus many works of entirely his own creation. As it turns out, Peter is also a blogger, which makes Evo one happy host. Check out his site to see what's on Peter's mind on any given day!

Dragon Bites

  • Sean Connery pulls a coup on TLEG
  • V: The Miniseries being remade as V: The Miniseries. Mike's pissed...
  • Spike Lee sez 'no' to Spike TV. TNN execs are pissed...
  • JK continues to shatter records. This is a kids book, right?
  • If you kill your spouse, don't leave your phone number
  • Pirates of the Caribbean just might not suck!
  • Pilfered moon rocks on eBay not a good idea

Feed the Dragon Dust off those nylon lawn chairs and break out the lukewarm six-pack of Billy Bear, it's time to head to the movies! For those of you who skipped the late 70's and early 80's trailer-trash sitcoms, you can get up to speed on the big screen. Tune in to find out which ones... and yes, it's just as bad as you might imagine.