Cover to Cover #54: Stan Lee / Tee Morris

Stan Lee! (Yes, THE Stan Lee!)
This was a true treat for both of us, as like most kids of the 70's and 80's, we grew up on Spiderman and other Marvel comics.

If we've ever recorded a show you don't want to miss, it's this interview with Stan Lee. Lie, cheat, play hookey... do what ever you must, but do not miss this interview with the legend Stan "The Man" Lee.

Among other topics, Stan "spills the beans" on some upcoming Marvel comics properties that are headed for the big screen. Our heads were spinning after he revealed all this data, much to the chagrin of his agents we're sure!

Tee Morris
To get another perspective, we gave Tee Morris of Morevi fame a call to discuss our conversation with Stan Lee.

Dragon Bites (formerly "The News")

Feed the Dragon
Michael gets the honors today and tosses the oil companies into the Dragon's belly. That should be interesting!