Cover to Cover #157: R. Scott Bakker

The Darkness That Comes BeforeShow Notes
The Darkness That Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing, Book 1) and
The Warrior-Prophet (The Prince of Nothing, Book 2) by R. Scott Bakker

Dragon Bites

Random SF/F News
-The Bat-mobile gets banged up.
-Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy looks great!
-Rich men and their flying machines.
-War of the Worlds goes by the book.
-Logan's Run on hold.
-Possessed Toys for your kid.
-Officer bites man in the groin and is suspended.

We bitch about why we got kicked off KFYI and other goofy stuff. (Joe and Summer join us)

We Feed the Dragon. (He's always hungry)


  1. hi i am wondering if it is possible to listen to this podcast? its moustly the talk about the prince of nothing series i am interested about.

    Btw you should have some talk about the concluding book of this series, and r scott bakker's latest book witch is a "triller" of some sort but whit a similare twist as he have whit prince of nothing. on might go as fare and call it a horror 0.o