Cover to Cover #148: David B. Coe / Kevin Radthorne

David B. Coe
David's latest book is Bonds of Vengeance, the third fantasy book of a quintet. We talk with David about his approach to multi-book series and how he keeps the audience involved. When you're dealing with race-relations and politics, David takes the opinion that you need to take your time to get the story right.

Kevin Radthorne
Kevin has released The Road to Kotaishi, a two part novel in an Asian-fantasy setting. The names and settings may be strange, but Kevin has tried very hard to combine the best of Western Fantasy with Asian influences. An nice introduction to Asian mythos and themes without making it too alien for western readers.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction news

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Feed the Dragon
Mike picks up the pitchfork for the first time this year, tossing movie houses and their DVD release policies in the gullet. And Summer joins us as well!