Cover to Cover #83: Spider Robinson / Wil Radcliffe

Spider Robinson
His latest book is Callahan's Con, the next in a series of science fiction books Spider has been writing for over thirty years. If your unfamiliar with the Callahan series, it centers around a bar in Key West populated with aliens, time travelers... and in this book, a wanna-be gangster-- from outer space.

Spider is also a folk singer of some repute, and we speak with Spider about the differences and similarities between writing music and writing sci-fi & fantasy. He has some interesting stories to tell!

Wil Radcliffe
Wil's debut novel is called Noggle Stones, a young adult fantasy. This book takes place in the late 1800's in America, but gets blended with faeries and goblins! It's like LotR meets Huck Finn! Wil is a native to the Midwest and tries his hand at possibly a new genera, historical fantasy. Great for the kids, but adults will enjoy the tale as well.

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