Cover to Cover #190: George R. R. Martin / Terence West

A Feast for CrowsShow Notes
A Feast For Crows by George R. R. Martin.
Fallen Angels by Terence West.

You've asked for it, we have been promising it, now we finally deliver! The amazing George R. R. Martin is our guest this week and he tells us about his long awaited book A Feast For Crows. He tells us what took so long, and gives us insight into the next book coming out soon.

Next up Terence West joins us to talk about Fallen Angels. A book about Area 51, alien abduction, and lots of government intrige.

This week's Library Segment features 5 titles that have found their way into the studio. Tune in and find out what they are.

Evo tosses 'Titty-Bar Charges' to the dragon this week.


  1. LOL
    "Next up Terence West joins us to talk about Fallen Angles. A book about Area 51, alien abduction, and lots of government intrige."

    Fallen Angles? OMG, my triangles are smashed! It must be aliens! I think you meant Fallen Angels?

  2. Fixed...

    Those pesky e's and l's get turned around all the time. 😉

    Thanks for the catch.

  3. Uh, you guys need to do your research. The George R. R. Martin interview was cringe-inducing and embarrassing due primarily to the ignorance of the hosts. It was very clear that neither of you had even put eyes to anything GRRM had written, and even worse, one of you couldn't even retain the answer to the simple question, "How many books will be in your series?" You had to ask it twice! How ironic that you start the show by mentioning how it took years to get George to do the show, then we he finally does you clearly haven't done your homework!

    I had never listened to your show before, but you can rest assurred I won't be back. However, I would hate to leave a non-constructive comment, so take a tip and DO SOME RESEARCH ON YOUR GUESTS...reading their books might be a good place to start.

  4. Since you are new to the show, I guess you can be excused in not knowing how our format works.

    First off - we never claim to be the be-all end-all experts of scifi. We are just fans of the genre just like you. We are more knowledgeable in some areas than in others. Which is the way it should be. It is rather impossible to be an expert in everything.

    Second - We interview two authors every week (8 per month). I'm not sure how fast you read, but after 4 years of this show with two books per week, we would have had to have read 416 titles to follow your suggestion of reading everyone that comes on the show. We do what we can with the time we have.

    Last - We do three shows a week, for no pay, in one day. We have 15 minutes to cover what we can with the guest, and less than a couple hours to research them beforehand. I think we do fairly well, all things considered. I'm sorry you don't agree.

  5. Shouldn't really defend you guys after the Serenity spoiler thing but... Evo did say he'd read the first book and Michael's gaff was forgiveable if only because we got to hear from George.
    All in all it was a good interview. Interesting to find out that George spent a year barking up the wrong tree and had to start again. May have to re-read the first 3 books to get back up to speed for the new brick (for crikeys sake don't drop it on your foot - my postie almost got a hernia delivering it today).

    Anyway, appreciated the interview. Keep 'em coming.

  6. I hate those damned Angles! It's a conspiracy I tells ya!

    My thanks to Michael and Evo for having me on their show. They were really great to work with and I had a blast!

    Keep up the great work guys. I hope I can come back and play in your sandbox again sometime.

  7. I take back what I said a long time ago. Please stop Mike from reading. High Society Prison with convents on the loose? er High Security Prison with convicts. Hmmm... And you're rubbing off on Evo. I nearly spit beer on myself when I heard the Bram Storker Award.*sigh*

    And I thought the interviews have always been good. As you said Michael, you're the hosts, not the experts. You're there to prompt the authors to speak and get answers to questions people (like myself) who are also not experts on a given author's work. You guys do an awesome job.

    That's my two cents.


  8. As much as I'd like to blame him, I can't fault Mike for my inability to keep the extra "r" out of Stoker.

    But I mean, serious. Who the heck names their kid "Bram"? Speaking of extra Rs, Mr. and Mrs. Stoker...

  9. Clearly, my parents named their kid Brahm. Though to be fair, it has an extra "h," unlike Stoker.

    Nice GRRM interview. You covered the basics very well, and if I was new to the series (as opposed to having read it way too much for my own good, and even so, I did learn a few things), it would have been very informative. Rock on.

  10. good show. I enjoyed hearing from George Martin. I was a big fan of the wildcards series and like his fantasy as well. I also enjoy hearing the interviews with the more new authors. I think it is a good format to have the well known author and the new person back to back.

    Any chance of you guys getting Niel Gaiman?

  11. Brahm,

    Oh. Point taken.


  12. You guys just keep getting the heavy hitters in sci fi and fantasy. Way to go. How can us listeners help keep your podcast going (and get you sponsored?)