Cover to Cover #188: Greg Keyes / Laura Anne Gilman

Curse the DarkShow Notes
The Charnel Prince by Greg Keyes.
Curse The Dark by Laura Anne Gilman.

We love getting guests in the studio, and we especially love it when they are authors of Greg Keyes' caliber. Greg stops in to talk to us about his upcoming book The Blood Knight. It is not out in stores yet, but we get an inside scoop on what to expect. And we get to talk about some of the authors more interesting hobbies. If your a fan of Greg, this is the show for you.

Next up Laura Anne Gilman tells us about Curse The Dark. This book is Part two of The Retrievers series.

This week's Library Segment features some music. Mark Gunn brings us Irish Drinking Songs For Cat Lovers. Something you have to hear to appreciate...


  1. Pete Smith says

    I'm not seeing a file in iPodderX for this week. Maybe its just me, and I can surely d/l it by hand, but just figured I'd mention it in case its a problem with the feed itself.

  2. Irish drinking songs for cat lovers: This is a perfect example of why Mr Gunn should never be allowed near a recording studio again!My cat wasn't impressed either.

  3. Pete - Doesn't look like a problem with feed. Or if it was, the self-correcting code we put in place recently.

    Phil - You and your cat aside, I can only say that the throngs of screaming fans Marc had at his recent Dragon*Con appearance hold a differing opinion of the talent and worthiness of Marc. Nor have I polled my cat. Heck, I don't even like my cat.

  4. Ah well that's the problem with our transatlantic cousins, a very stange sense of humour (and spelling. Of course having been to gigs in the states, most of the audience scream so much they can't hear the band.