Cover to Cover #192: Robert J. Sawyer / Kevin J. Anderson

MindscanShow Notes
Mindscan by Robert J. Sawyer.
The Road To Dune by Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson & Frank Herbert.

Robert J. Sawyer was in town for a local convention and we got him in studio to talk about his new book Mindscan. Rob also talks to us about science and science fiction writing. Always a good interview, check it out.

Next, Kevin J. Anderson joins us to talk about The Road To Dune. Kevin originally talked to us in our room at Dragon Con, but Kevin and Michael found a bar later and that interview disappeared. Kevin was good enough to redo the interview from a convention in Portland.

This week's Library Segment is chock full of titles. Tune in and find out what they are.

Evo feeds this week. Those against Christmas Beer are getting the honors.


  1. Great Cover to Cover this week, guys.

    I'm a big fan of Rob Sawyer's, and you could say he turned me on to the Dragon Page several months ago when I was searching the internet for Sawyer interviews and found one of yours with him. That was before I had a portable MP3 player, so I would stream your shows on my home computer and record them on cassette to listen to at work. I would urge anyone to grab the chance to see him. He's a very nice and approachable author.

    If I had thought ahead when you promo'ed Kevin J. Anderson's visit, I would have suggested a question for him that I've often considered. How about you guys giving this some thought:
    Those of us that read Frank Herbert's Dune books years ago probably think of the Anderson/Brian Herbert books as filling in the history leading up to Paul Atreides. But for a new SF reader, what reading order would you suggest . . . begin with Frank Herbert's books, or start the entire saga with House Atreides (or even The Butlerian Jihad) and work their way through the Dune timeline? Readers doing that might see the Dune universe from an entirely different perspective.

    And as for Kim Stanley Robinson, I saw a panel with him at the World Con in Toronto and he spoke directly about criticism he had gotten about The Years of Rice and Salt not being science fiction. It will be interesting to hear him respond to your questions on that.
    Also, if you are a KSR fan, be sure to check out three of his books from the 80's. They're a group of three stand-alone books called The Three Californias which examine three possible futures for the Orange County area. A very interesting concept that even has some characters appearing in all three stories.

    Keep up the great work, guys.

  2. Great show! Please for the love of all that is holy please bring back Robert J. Sawyer and let him talk for a solid show with no other guests or commercials. Who cares about Dragoon Moon Press or Bob the Zombie or The Signal on that show. Man he was good stuff!

    And really Evo, can you like quit your bitching for more then 2 seconds about not "reading" the books of authors on your show(s). We heard you loud and clear the first 20 times you bitched. Too many books, too little time. Okay. We got it. Not that type of show. Okay. We got it.

    Constant griping brings you to the level of the annoying fanboys who have no life and simply live to correct those on every little detail, on every little thing, no matter the size of the blunder. These guys are also the same folk who can tell you the color of Spock's socks in every episode of Star Trek. Or get up-tight over a Canadian plate on back of a hummer in the new Battlestar Galactica show. Guys! Its a TV show! Crawl out of your parents basement once in a while and maybe get a girl friend. Its-just-a-television-show. Battlestar is not real. Christ!

    But soooo agree with you on the whole banning of the "santa beer". I mean come on Santa is a big drunk anyway! Falls down chimneys instead of using the door, gives presents to those he doesn't know, has a beer belly along with red nose and cheeks. And most important the drunk fool is always with the munchies and eats cookies!

    Totally a big drunk. Perfect poster-boy for any kind of brew.

    Thanks for the great show and your time!!!

  3. Paul Gaddis says

    I wish you would be a little more sceptical about human induced global warming. ;^)
    Otherwise an interesting interview with Sawyer. I might even pick up a copy of his book. I too will be in my 80's in 2040's and am looking forward to uploading myself!!

    Ya'll take care!


  4. Relax, Fred. The bitching and moaning is over. I've said my peace, and am sorry you had to suffer through. All is right with the world moving forward...