ADPoV #22: The Littlest Jedi Master

Reposting this, since it was automaticlly posted for the date of July 4th, which was it's original air date on Wingin' It 3D, but I never actually made any sort of announcement here about it. As you know, I now have a feed that you can subscribe to so that everything I record goes directly into your earholes without you having to manually download it anymore, which is keen. Subscribe and be sure to keep subscribed to it because there are a few things coming down the pike that I think you might find interesting. Something about a very cool event happening in 7 1/2 weeks! I am so stoked, and I'm counting down the days until Oct 30.

What's happening Oct 30? You'll just have to stay tuned to find out as I attempt to get a ball rolling here.

Anyhow, submitted for your listening pleasure is ADPoV segment number twenty-two, "The Littlest Jedi Master"
First aired - July 04, 2007

A sick little bugger Yoda is.