Reading Diary #10: WebGenii's Reads

This is WebGenii, with an installment from my "Reading Diary".  So what have I been reading lately?

First Up, "The Night Sessions" by Ken MacLeod, published by PYR.  This is a future earth scifi set in; Edinburg, New Zealand and near earth orbit.  The back jacket copy is a little cagey, not only to prevent spoilers, but also because MacLeod is discussing the consequences of robots getting religion. In this case, the religion is a particularly hardcore creationism.  And no, they aren't worshipping us as God. This kind of thing is inflammatory by nature, so it is not surprising that the back copy writer did a bit of a duck and cover. You can read "The Night Sessions" as a futuristic police thriller or as a discussion on religion and morality. Particularly the morality of inflicting your beliefs on others and how far your responsibility extends for the actions taken by others, based on your beliefs.  Recommended.

Next I picked up a copy of "The Gathering" by Kelley Armstrong, published by Doubleday.  I've been looking forward to reading "The Gathering" ever since I learned it was set on Vancouver Island, a place I know well.  This book marks the beginning of a new series set in the same world as her Otherworld and Darkest Powers  series.  Like the Darkest Powers, it is a YA series featuring a new set of protagonists.  Our heroine Maya is growing up in a very small town on Vancouver Island. Maya thinks that it is a medical research center. We understand that the research subjects, are the children living there.  Once again, we see the supernatural community creating more supernaturals, and I have to admit even after finishing the Darkest Powers series and "The Gathering" I'm still kinda foggy on who wants all these supernatural children and what they hope to gain by them.

I enjoyed "The Gathering" so much, that I immediately got the e-book version of "The Calling", the sequel;  so I could continue with the story.  And here, I just have to say something: I was disappointed in the book price versus book length. "The Calling" is really a novella, padded out to book length with a lot of recaps from the previous book.  Paying full price, just kinda stung.  The plot doesn't advance that much and I really feel that Ms. Armstrong got poor advice to split "The Calling" into a separate book. Of course, all will be totally forgiven, if the third book in the series, due next April comes up to Ms. Armstrong's standard.

Finally, I picked up a copy of Richard Purtill's, "The Eleusinian Gate". Published by AuthorHouse.  Richard Purtill's book "The Golden Gryphon Feather" remains one of my favourite fantasy novels. It was out of print for many years, but is currently available on  I recommend it.  "The Eleusinian Gates" is a sequel to "The Golden Gryphon Feather" and features the same characters, now middle-aged and touched by loss. It is set in the ancient world of Crete, Troy and Athens and uses the myth of Persephone and Hades to great effect.  If you have read "The Golden Gryphon Feather", then you will enjoy "The Eleusinian Gate".

And look what came in through the mail today:

"False Covenant", by Ari Marmel, published by PYR. This is the sequel to "Thief's Covenant", a book which is currently sitting reproachfully in my To Be Read pile.  This is a YA fantasy series which looks very appealing.

"God Save the Queen" by Kate Locke, published by Orbit.  This is a Steampunk mystery fantasy set in the year 2012, where the Victorian Era has never ended because Queen Victoria is still alive. Werewolves and Vampires make up the ruling class. It has a terrific cover featuring (I assume) our heroine dressed in Victorian Punk, and a funny poster on the back saying "KEEP CALM AND PRAY FOR DAWN".

Next, "Hunter and Fox", by Phillipa Ballantine, published by PYR. I'm looking forward to reading this fantasy from the author of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series.

And lastly, "House of Shadows" by Rachel Neumeier, published by Orbit.  A fantasy about two orphaned sisters.

Just to recap, the books that I mentioned today were:

  • "The Night Sessions" by Ken MacLeod, published by PYR
  •  "The Gathering" and "The Calling" by Kelley Armstrong, published by Doubleday
  • "The Eleusinian Gate" and "The Golden Gryphon Feather" by Richard Purtill. Published by AuthorHouse.
  • "False Covenant" and "Thief's Covenant" by Ari Marmel, published by PYR.
  • "God Save the Queen" by Kate Locke, published by Orbit.
  • "Hunter and Fox", by Phillipa Ballantine, published by PYR.
  • "House of Shadows" by Rachel Neumeier, published by Orbit.


This has been WebGenii letting you know what is on my reading list.

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