Reading Diary #13: WebGenii's Reads

This is WebGenii, with an installment from my "Reading Diary". It's been a busy fall, but I have been reading!

First up is the charming fantasy, “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, by Cindy Lynn Speer published by Dragonwell Publishing.  I’m not familiar with Ms. Speer or Dragonwell, but I’m very glad I was sent this book.  Combining fantasy, romance and mystery, “The Chocolatier’s Wife” reminds me of early Sharon Shinn.  In the world established by Ms. Speer; when children are born they are taken to the local wise woman, who performs a spell to find the person who will be their spouse.  The story notes, that this person will be their best match, not necessarily their true love. In this case, William’s betrothed is Tasmin, a sorceress from the north.  The sorcerers are feared and resented by the people of the south where William and his family live.

I really like how Ms. Speer brought William and Tasmin together and the challenges that they face. I especially liked the heroine – Tasmin. Level headed and practical she is determined to make the best of her life with William and his challenging family. Oh, and there is a murder mystery tucked into this story as well.  But the backbone remains the strong characters created by Ms. Speer. I look forward to other stories set in this world. Recommended.

Earlier this year, the bloggers were abuzz about Marissa Meyer’s "Cinder", published by Feiwel and Friends. So I picked up a copy.  It’s terrific – a young adult fantasy/science fiction retelling of Cinderella.  And if you think that something new, can’t be done with such an old warhorse – you are wrong. Our heroine Cinder is terrific; she’s a smart and determined teenager who is also a cyborg.  Adopted as an infant, her stepfather soon dies from a terrible plague that is ravaging New Beijing. Her stepmother resents her, but is willing to use her and her skills as unpaid labour.  The opening chapters show Cinder struggling to acquire a new prosthetic foot, one that is appropriately sized for her age. These kinds of twists make it the kind of YA book that can easily be shared by adults and teens. Its’ a terrific twist on the Cinderella story.  This is also the beginning of a series, the next book "Scarlet" will be published early next year. I am awaiting its’ arrival eagerly. Recommended.

And look what just came in through the mail –

"The Kingmakers: Vampire Empire Book 3", by Clay and Susan Griffith, published by PYR. This is the conclusion of the Vampire Empire trilogy featuring alternate history vampire clans at war with each other. While the back jacket copy doesn’t do much for me, I will note that the blurbs from other readers are awesome; in particular the Vampire Librarian says "It has the romantic heroism of The Three Musketeers and the last-gasp struggle of Star Wars rolled into a fantasy adventure that will have you gripping the pages."  I don’t know the Vampire Librarian, but they sure do write a thrilling quote.  I may have to take a look.

Also in, "Reaper" by K.D. McEntire, published by PYR.  This is the sequel to "Lightbringer", a book I believe I was sent earlier – but it got swept up in my son’s fort of books.  I’m going to have to sort through that fort, because this looks like an urban fantasy series that is right up my alley.  Our heroine Wendy discovers she is part of an ancient family of Reapers.  So, I’m now full of questions about Reapers and our heroine.

And I have “Full Blooded” by Amanda Carlson, published by Orbit. The cover features a tough sexy girl, who is apparently our heroine. Our heroine is the only girl werewolf in the world.  OK, this could be very good or very bad.  I’ll take the bullet for all of you and let you know.

Finally, there is "A Guile of Dragons" by James Enge, published by PYR. This looks like a heroic fantasy and is the origin story of Morlock Ambrosius. Morlock Ambrosius is the hero of a number of other books and stories by James Enge.

Just to recap, the books that I mentioned today were:

  • "The Chocolatier’s Wife", by Cindy Lynn Speer published by Dragonwell Publishing
  • Marissa Meyer's "Cinder", published by Feiwel and Friends
  • "The Kingmakers: Vampire Empire Book 3", by Clay and Susan Griffith, published by PYR.
  • "Reaper" & "Lightbringer" by K.D. McEntire, published by PYR.
  • "Full Blooded" by Amanda Carlson, published by Orbit
  • "A Guile of Dragons" by James Enge, published by PYR.

This has been WebGenii letting you know what is on my reading list.


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