Good advice? Don't ignore negative reviews -- feature them!

One of the best books I read in 2006 was Infoquake, by David Louis Edelman. I had a chance to interview him recently. He's a nice guy, and a smart guy, and one hell of a writer in my opinion. But as always happens, not everyone agrees with that last assertion. David has recently posted […]

Can you write a novel with a wiki?

In the event that you don't have enough of your own solo writing projects underway: Penguin is launching its first wiki and in a project called A Million Penguins we've created a space where anyone can contribute to the writing of a novel and anyone can edit anyone else's writing. Over the next six weeks […]

The Sam Sale at Subterranean: Good Books, Good Cause

I'm reprinting this in its entirety from John Scalzi's blog. While we've got our own challenge with Captain Cancer here on the Dragon Page, it seems Joe isn't alone. From John's post: This is Sam, and he's a really cute kid. Sam has also been diagnosed with pontine glioma, a pernicious sort of brain cancer […]

Review: Recursion

Some books I know I'm going to love within the first few pages. Other books I discard in a few paragraphs. And then there are the books where I can't put them down, yet I also can't decide at the end if I liked them or not. Tony Ballantyne's Recursion fits that latter category. One […]

Pseudopod: The Horror Podcast Magazine

Mur Lafferty and Ben Phillips have teamed up with Escape Artists, Inc. (the folks behind Escape Pod, the science fiction podcast magazine) to create Pseudopod -- bringing you great original works of short horror fiction to your MP3 player of choice each and every week.   [Read more...]

Exchange your used books with BookMooch

BookMooch, the online community where you can exchange your used books for others, has moved from beta to full-release. Lots of features to help you get your list of books in the system quick and easy. I'd love it if one of you bibliophiles out there would give this a dry run and let us know what you think!   [Read more...]

This author wants to fight you

Craig Davidson, a novelist from Canada, has cooked up an interesting promotion for his novel, The Fighter. Quite simply, he wants to fight you. Seriously.   [Read more...]

New SF magazines to check out

Believe it or not, a staple of science fictions past, the SF magazine, is still alive and kicking. What was once the place most folks consumed their scifi is now often only a footnote. But rest assured, the SF magazine market is still around.

Ellen from the UK dropped me an email a few days back letting me know about two new ones worthy of checking out. Rather than try and paraphrase her words, I'm just gonna lay it out as she wrote it.

I just wanted to let you knowabout a couple of new sci-fi magazines (which are also after submissions). The first one is RayGun Revival, available fortnightly online and has just announced a podcast version (yay!). They say:

What are we doing? We're attempting nothing less than re-invigorating space opera itself. Think of all that classic literature, from Doc Smith to Edgar Rice Burroughs to James Blish, and then think of more recent stuff from Star Wars (EP IV - VI, especially), Orson Scott Card to Lois McMaster Bujold to Joss Whedon's Firefly, and you'll have an idea of what we're shooting for.

Which sounds pretty cool to me, but then I love space opera. *beam*

The second magazine is called Hub and isn't out in print until December (UK only), but
there's a website and a few sample pages. Those sample pages happen to feature my Very First Short Story Sale! *happy dance* So I thought I'd let you know about it anyway. *heh* Not that I'm shamelessly plugging it, of course. At all.

Thanks for the note, Ellen. We can always use new places looking for short SF submissions!   [Read more...]

Good advice, but a misconception from an award-winning author

I shall start by saying I count Robert J. Sawyer as a friend. I've had the opportunity to meet him on more than one occasion, exchanging phone calls and emails which had nothing to do with the many interviews I've had with him on a professional level. I think he's a swell guy, a smart guy and is completely informed on a wide range of topics. But that doesn't mean he's not wrong in this case.   [Read more...]

Evo narrates for Variant Frequencies

Recently, I was asked by Rick and Matt from Variant Frequencies to narrate one of their shows. They feature an eclectic mix of original short fiction and I've been following them from the beginning. My piece is entitled The Last Frequency, and it was a lot of fun to do. I'm sure you'll agree it was a part almost written for me! 🙂   [Read more...]

Free PKD short story from new audio book company

Traveling for the next several weeks, but I'll see if I can't post at least infrequently.

A new audio book company, Wonder Audio Books, (specializing in unabridged vintage fiction) has stepped into the market and is releasing a short story by Philip K. Dick free of charge and without nasty DRM:

Originally appearing in the July '52 issue of Planet Stories, "Beyond Lies the Wub" was Philip K. Dick's first published story, and it encompasses and transcends the scope of the magazine's content.

Planet Stories was the pulpiest of the pulps, concentrating on adventure stories. Many could be described as pirate stories in space. Despite this limitation, many good stories appeared in it. Authors like Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, Fredric Brown, and Poul Anderson were frequently featured.

Sounds like Wonder is planning on continually updating their free audio section. Hooray! Now if we can just get them to put out an RSS feed with their updates, I'd be a happy man.   [Read more...]

Public library offers free audio book downloads

In an interesting twist to the issue of copy protection and making audio books more accessible, the LA Times is reporting that the LA Public Library is offering some 1,300 audio books, ranging from new releases to classics, as free downloads to their members.

I've not checked out the technology, but does seem to have some sort of DRM, as the story states that the files sort of self-destruct after three weeks. So you can't load up and listen later. Oh and you can't access any on a Mac. And you have to live in the LA/Orange County area. And only one person at a time can have a book "out", unless the library buys more licenses. (So close to getting the digital model...)

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that titles downloaded to from, another free "library" of sorts working steadily toward it's first 100 titles, will never self-destruct, are not platform-dependent, can be listened to by as many people as possible and are open to the world.   [Read more...]

Another tool for writing you novel

Jakko has been following the conversation on the writing tools I've been posting.   [Read more...]

Of futuristic twists on classics, and getting paid for fanfic

A few weeks back we interviewed Naomi Novik and learned that she cut her writing chops in the world of fanfic before getting her big three-book deal from a major press.   [Read more...]

Jeff Vandermeer wants you DEAD

Well... photos of you pretending to be dead, anyhow. When we interviewed Jeff a few months ago, we discussed his book Shriek being made into a movie. Here's how you can get involved! And what, pray tell, do you get for submitting pictures of yourself looking dead to Jeff?

You'll get a free copy of the movie on DVD and some other freebies if your shot makes the movie. (This is a low-budget production.) You'll also get a film credit as a dead person. I'll probably post all the headshots on my blog, regardless of who makes the movie, at the end of this experiment. That's a lot of dead people.

  [Read more...]

Evo and Steve Eley (Escape Pod) speaking in September

Last year's Portable Media Expo was a blast. Not only did I get to hold Podcasting for Dummies in my hand for the first time, I also got to meet a bunch of very nice people in the podosphere. Within hours of arriving, it was obvious that I would be going back.   [Read more...]