Cover to Cover #33: Diane Hundtermark

Interview with Diane Hundtermark
Diane writes books about dragons, which makes Michael very happy! Her book, The Dragon and The Rose, features a dragon that was once a human? who can transition from human to dragon and gets to pick the ruler of their world. Check it out at, and go see her on October 26th in Hanover, MD at Books-a-Million.

Let's Talk
Some aimless rambling by Michael and Evo, tackling such weighty topics as the recently discovered ?thrid moon? of earth, space debris and the hazzard it may pose and in-depth analysis of Christopher Reeve's recovery that dovetails into healing, both holistic and conventional. Very, very deep. Especially for us two! Check out his book, Nothing is Impossible, for a fascinating tale. Oh, and we talk about a Russian author who has a book very similar to Harry Potter. Kinda like FanFiction? You be the judge?

The News
Bed music from Eric Erickson ?Woof? (Very cool stuff!)
(Evo's weird news courtesy of DiePunyHumans? check it out!)