Cover to Cover #44: Terry Bisson

Interview with Terry Bisson
Nebula and Hugo Award winning author Terry Bisson spoke with us today. We contacted him on the advice of Peter Coyote, our recent guest from last weeks show.

Terry has been writing for years. His latest book, The Pick-up Artist deals with an issue Michael and I talk about nearly every show... too many books! He also has a great collection of short stories, In the Upper Room is also available.

The News
Music by Jillybean McGee - Super Karate Monkey Death Car

  • Do drunken elephants see pink people?
  • Superman 5 rumors laid to rest and the true premise uncovered...
  • Harry Potter 5 "snippet" card auctioned off for $45K!
  • Doggie tossing gets you 12 years of hard time
  • The Sun says Dumbledore may be done with a CG-actor?
  • Shrek II Book is coming out!
  • Body piercing leads to infection, lactation...
  • I, Robot coming to the big screen!
  • Matrix:Reloaded and Revolution teasers