Cover to Cover #56: Terry Brooks

Sometimes the Magic WorksTerry Brooks joins us to talk about his latest book, Sometimes the Magic Works. It's a great book that explores the complete craft of writing-- Terry Brooks style. As one of the most prolific and well-known fantasy authors, these tips comes straight from the heart!

Keeping up with his title of the Hardest Working Writer in Fantasy, he's got six different books coming out in six months! Wow! You'll definitely want to listen to find out about the new Shannara books are coming out, and what else is cooking in his kitchen!

Tee shares a Terry story
We let the tape keep rolling and captured a bit more of great info from Terry. We called up Tee Morris (Morevi) and spoke with him. Tee recounted a story about Terry from a few years back. It's interesting!

Dragon Bites

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  • Fat and sassy new super heroes from Japan
  • Superman role going away from Brendan Fraser. Can we get a "Hell yeah!"
  • "Can you hear me now?" sounds kinda shitty...

Feed the Dragon
This week both of us take a shot at all religious fanatics. Tune in to find out why...