Cover to Cover #57: Troy Denning / Aaron Dean Hall

Troy Denning
Troy Denning's latest book is Tatooine Ghost. This book is a classic bridge novel, which ties the original set of movies to the latest prequels. Han and Leia are married and return to Tatooine to discover a diary left by Leia's grandmother.

Tatooine Ghost, like many of Troy's books, allows the reader to focus in on a relatively small part of the entire saga that is Star Wars. Where the movies try and cram in as much as they can in 90 minutes, Troy gets to take his time and give the reader a much more in-depth understanding of a small piece of time.

Aaron Dean Hall
Aaron is a new author, and his first offering is The Sorceress of Atunluck. A tale of fantasy and magic on a war-ravaged isle called Atunluck. Aaron wrote the book based on his time teaching school in a small town in Alaska.

Dragon Bites

  • Mighty Mouse: The Movie!
  • Wonder Woman gets a makeover...
  • God speaks via banana squash seeds?
  • Can't wait for the Battlestar Galactica miniseries
  • Spidey coming to the small screen
  • Carp brings warnings from God, but the fishmongers killed it.

Feed the Dragon
Mike does the honors this week, focusing in on "Are You Hot?". See what's got the man all riled up!